Treforest Polytechnic Of Wales 02/12/1989

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Terry’s last gig. It is well documented that he was ejected from the tour van that night at Bristol Temple Meads station. We won’t go into detail here or speculate as to what did or didn’t happen, but the previous gig at Swansea showed that things couldn’t continue as they were.


“This was my second ever gig. My memory is hazy but I’m pretty sure of the following. Me and my mates were near the stage in front of Terry. A fight broke out in the audience at one point and Terry tried to calm things down. The crowd were really up for the gig. They opened with Se Dest which hadn’t been released at that time. The next two tracks were Christine and Destroy The Heart. They were really going for it by playing such big tracks early on. After that it’s a bit hazy. I recall hearing Nothing To Me. Guy came back at the end and played a solo track. Not sure if this was Phone or Secrets. Given that Terry left after this gig I’m not sure I sensed any problems on stage. If I did I probably put them down to tour fatigue. The fight in the audience probably stood out more.” Gareth Watson

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