Swansea Patti Pavilion 01/12/1989

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Set List

  1. Fisherman’s Tale
  2. In A Room
  3. Christine
  4. Destroy The Heart
  5. Se Dest
  6. Beatles And The Stones
  7. 32nd Floor
  8. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  9. Flow
  10. Road
  11. Salome
  12. Love In A Car
  13. Man To Child
  14. I Can’t Stand It
  15. Hope


“Well, this was an interesting one. Turning up in afternoon to watch the soundcheck, three of the band were in the dressing room, the other, Terry, on his own in the corner of the main hall. We chatted for ages, covering a range of topics: the venue being reminiscent of the Buxton Pavilion where the Bunnymen filmed their Shine So Hard video, barcodes and state control, the film Equus, the infamous ‘breadhead’ spats with Guy, and some private personal stuff I won’t go into here. At one point he pushed the famous red guitar towards me, saying ‘do you play?’. Stunned, I politely refused; it’d have been like Michelangelo offering a monkey a paintbrush and saying ‘go on, have a dabble’! I went off on a long wander to find Terry a bag of chips and when I came back he was on stage soundchecking alone, producing wave after wave of howling feedback, followed by a Bowie medley (while I was operating the stage lighting – the stuff of dreams!). The band had clearly splintered. The evening’s gig was well attended and the performance superb, a dangerous energy to it barely kept under control, not least Terry’s volume and effects which I suspect he was ramping up to wind up Guy. After the gig, backstage was AWKWARD. Guy, Chris and Pete exasperated, trying to hold polite conversation while Terry was, how shall we say, getting to know a young lady right in front of us. I quickly made my excuses and left – there were evidently internal issues to be resolved. Things were never quite the same for me after this gig. And I guess for The House Of Love too, since the following night Terry found himself no longer in the band.” Tim Driver

“That was frustration. I just found at the time that I didn’t have the same aspirations as the rest of the band. I was more into exploring music than exploring the exploitation of markets around the globe. They were really into crusading. And winning. I wasn’t.” Terry Bickers

“After our first album it was manic. A classic case of too much too soon. We needed a break… We had spent eighteen months in the studio recording our second album. Everything we produced got rejected and we were at the end of our ropes. Then as soon as we got the last track down they said ‘Right, now off you go on tour’. It was a recipe for disaster.” Terry Bickers

“We really needed guidance at that crucial point. Most groups just go nuts. It’s like this huge trolley full of booze being placed in front of you. With a whiff of success, people change towards you. We were taking too many drugs, I was drinking ridiculously and that’s the worst combination when things are going wrong.” Guy Chadwick

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