London Royal Albert Hall 20/11/1992

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Set List

  1. Beatles And The Stones
  2. Destroy The Heart
  3. You Don’t Understand
  4. High In Your Face
  5. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  6. Feel
  7. Hannah
  8. Shine On
  9. Crush Me
  10. Road
  11. Christine
  12. The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes
  13. Cruel
  14. Fade Away (Guy solo)
  15. Love In A Car


Originally scheduled for September 1992, this prestigious gig was rearranged for this date despite it requiring the band to fly back to the UK from the States after the Denver show, then back two days later to resume the North America tour in Dallas.

On entry to the gig fans were given a free 10″ single, LOVE1, which featured a demo version of Crush Me and the 11 minute John Peel radio session (and many say better) version of Into The Tunnel. Both tracks were subsequently made available on the 8xCD 2022 Fontana era box set.

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