Atlanta The Roxy 20/07/1990

If you have more information or memorabilia related to this gig that you’re happy to share, please get in touch.

Set List

  1. Hannah
  2. The Hedonist
  3. 32nd Floor
  4. Nothing To Me
  5. Plastic
  6. Se Dest
  7. Salome
  8. Road
  9. Love In A Car
  10. Beatles And The Stones
  11. Christine
  12. Shine On
  13. Never
  14. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  15. Real Animal
  16. Destroy The Heart


“I was there with Jason C (who provided the set list photo) and, as I recall there were two opening bands. I hadn’t heard of either one – assumed they were local/regional acts. Don’t recall their names. Remember thinking they weren’t great fits (but who would be?). They were vaguely alternate I guess. One was a five piece fronted by a woman who really gave a lot. HOL was amazing and we hung around out back afterwards to get our stuff signed. An unforgettable show from my youth.” Neil Butler

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