Newcastle University 17/03/1990

If you have more information or memorabilia related to this gig that you’re happy to share, please get in touch.

Set List

  1. Hannah
  2. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  3. In A Room
  4. Hope
  5. Nothing To Me
  6. Road
  7. Beatles And The Stones
  8. Love In A Car
  9. Se Dest
  10. Never
  11. Shake And Crawl
  12. 32nd Floor
  13. Shine On
  14. Christine
  15. Plastic
  16. Destroy The Heart


“Perhaps the hottest, sweatiest gig I have ever been to – and an ever present in my top five list! The gig was absolutely electric, the cold night air as I laid down on the pavement outside in the aftermath felt fresh and invigorating, the bruises from the barrier kept the whole thing clear in my mind for days to come. Utterly brilliant, and one that I wish I could revisit again and again.” John McMahon

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