Loughborough University 25/11/1989

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Set List

  1. In A Room
  2. Christine
  3. Destroy The Heart
  4. Se Dest
  5. Beatles And The Stones
  6. 32nd Floor
  7. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  8. Flow
  9. Road
  10. Salome
  11. Love In A Car
  12. Happy
  13. Real Animal
  14. Man To Child
  15. I Can’t Stand It


“My first House Of Love gig and a good one to start with! Many of the songs I’d only heard from bootleg tapes so hearing them ‘in the flesh’ was a revelation! Starting off with a great In A Room probably explains why it is still one of my favourite HOL songs and a closing cover of the Velvets’ I Can’t Stand It finished it nicely for me! With a rather wasted Alan McGee inviting fans to ‘come back after the gig’ the post-show dressing room became rather cramped, as fans tried to squeeze in to avoid the freezing weather outside. No sign of the tension which was building to a head inside the band.” Dave Roberts

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