London Town & Country Club 09/11/1989

If you have more information or memorabilia related to this gig that you’re happy to share, please get in touch.

Set List

  1. Road
  2. Christine
  3. Destroy The Heart
  4. Flow
  5. In A Room
  6. 32nd Floor
  7. Beatles And The Stones
  8. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  9. Salome
  10. Love In A Car
  11. Se Dest
  12. Hope
  13. I Can’t Stand It
  14. Secrets


Features a rare live rendition of Secrets, one of the b-sides to the I Don’t Know Why I Love You single.

While Guy described this as “our worst ever gig”(!) it was also the night that Terry gave his guitar to a random member of the audience – see quote below.


“I did hand a guitar to someone in the audience at that gig. I think I was attempting to make a symbolic gesture about the connection between band and audience. I can’t remember what guitar it was and I have no idea who got it.”
Terry Bickers

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