Leeds Warehouse 31/10/1989

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Rearranged date from the cancelled 12-14/6/89 residency at the same venue. By way of an apology, fans were given the Live cassette freebie (three tracks recorded live in Brighton 7/12/88, despite the ‘Live in Berlin’ and ‘Live in Dublin’ references!).


“The three night residency at Leeds Warehouse was finally happening! The original trio of gigs had been postponed then cancelled in the summer due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ which we now know to have been troublesome album sessions and Terry’s increasing problems, both personally and professionally. I had tickets for all three nights – the first tickets… almost! A sour employee at Jumbo Records broke the hat trick by keeping the first two tickets of the second night for himself! The first night started very late because Guy had gone up to Leeds Poly to watch Jesus And The Mary Chain. Chris was in the venue, sat in a booth watching the first of us to enter but his shorter haircut made him a little less recognisable. So after the longest wait imaginable, The House Of Love finally appeared on the stage. The first song was In A Room, although Fisherman’s Tale opened the other two shows. There was a weirdness about this first night that was apparent without the benefit of tenner-burning hindsight. Guy, wearing a plain red t-shirt, was (shall we say) wired and buzzing… and more chatty (‘See, we do talk between songs,’ he said at one point). There was an embarrassed playfulness when he bashfully said ‘sorry about the gigs’ in relation to the previous cancellations. His apology was more direct in the other two gigs (‘sorry for fucking you about!’). More noticeable that first night was the tension between Guy and Terry… At one point Guy was trying to tune up and Terry was making his guitar produce whale song. ‘Terry, you are tuned!!!’ Guy snapped with obvious irritation, so Terry walked over and helped him. The audience cheered, and Terry took a bow and smiled! The set was a good mix of old and new… from Flow (‘I want you within me, want you without…’) to I Don’t Know Why I Love You, which had sadly ditched the more superior ending heard on Big World Cafe. Clothes was performed on all three nights too. Chris’ hair may have been shorter, but he had mastered the art of Shoe-gazing. The other two nights seemed more together. I asked Guy to sign the insert of my free live cassette after the second show – there is still a circular indent around his autograph as he was resting it on his beer can! As for the third gig, the main thing that my memory retained is the sight of Terry falling backwards into his guitar amps. Indeed, this was a prelude to a heavy storm on the immediate horizon… and it was no surprise when it came!” Mark Nicholson

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