London ICA 06/06/1989

If you have more information or memorabilia related to this gig that you’re happy to share, please get in touch.

Set List

  1. Love
  2. Flow
  3. Se Dest
  4. “Extras”…


Anecdotally a strange gig where the band played numerous mini sets – see Rob’s comments below.


“The most interesting thing i have is the set list from the second of the ICA nights which is thus: Love, Flow, Se Dest, Extras. It was bizarre. They came on. Did three songs, left, came back on, did one or two more, left, came back on etc. My companion and I had foregone a chance to see The Stone Roses that night. We did think of selling our tickets outside the ICA then getting a train back to Reading for ‘The Rerses’ so the patchy set, even with the killer opener, was really frustrating.” Rob Horrocks

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