Birmingham Irish Centre 08/12/1988

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Set List

  1. Never
  2. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  3. Shine On
  4. Nothing To Me
  5. Se Dest
  6. The Hedonist
  7. Love In A Car
  8. Don’t Turn Blue (Soft As Fire)
  9. Christine
  10. Road
  11. Destroy The Heart
  12. Plastic
  13. Happy
  14. Man To Child
  15. I Wanna Be Your Dog


The final gig of 1988, the year in which The House Of Love released their debut album to critical acclaim (May), achieved the unusual feat of NME and Melody Maker covers in the same week (July), topped John Peel’s annual Festive Fifty chart (December) and sealed the move from indie label Creation to major label Fontana. All that remained was a live studio TV appearance on the South Bank Show 1988 Review.

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