Brighton Top Rank 07/12/1988

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Set List

  1. Never
  2. I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  3. Shine On
  4. Nothing To Me
  5. Se Dest
  6. The Hedonist
  7. Love In A Car
  8. Don’t Turn Blue (Soft As Fire)
  9. Christine
  10. Road
  11. Destroy The Heart
  12. Man To Child
  13. Happy
  14. Salome


The soundcheck featured renditions of Nothing To Me, Se Dest, I Don’t Know Why I Love You, Never and Destroy The Heart, some perhaps doubling as further rehearsals of the new songs.

The show was recorded by BBC Radio Sussex and the following songs later broadcast for their ‘Turn It Up’ Christmas party: Never, I Don’t Know Why I Love You, Shine On, Nothing To Me, Se Dest, The Hedonist, Don’t Turn Blue, Christine, Road and Destroy The Heart.

Most of the gig was filmed with Destroy The Heart and Man To Child being broadcast by Snub TV on 9/1/89 along with a band interview. More songs and interview footage exists. See the original broadcast version on YouTube.

The Fontana/Fan Club freebie cassette ‘Live’ (LOVMC1) given away in December 1989 is from this Brighton gig. Tracks featured are Destroy The Heart, Christine and Man To Child.


“The venue was a hive of activity all afternoon and early evening prior to doors opening, with radio recording and camera crews and equipment, three bands, various Brighton industry people etc. Got to spend some good time hanging out with the guys, in the process earning a free long sleeved HOL shirt for manning the merch stall for a while. The soundcheck was the first time I heard Never, I Don’t Know Why I Love You and Se Dest, as these were given a good run through, as was Destroy The Heart, for the sound man to nail the delayed echo at the end. Despite being a little subdued due to the presence of cameras and brighter than usual lighting for filming, the gig was decent, the new material being well received.” Tim Driver

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