Bristol Harpers Bazaar 26/05/1988

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Set List

  1. Salome
  2. Destroy The Heart
  3. Fisherman’s Tale
  4. Man To Child
  5. Christine
  6. Plastic
  7. Sulphur
  8. Shine On
  9. Nothing To Me
  10. Real Animal
  11. I Wanna Be Your Dog


This gig was rearranged at short notice from the Tropic venue to what was basically a grotty nightclub in a rundown part of Bristol harbour.


“What a horrible place!” Guy Chadwick

“I knew Andy Jarman and he’d called me, as I lived in Bristol then, to arrange a PA. I helped out, I got in the gig and was blown away! The good thing for me was that the following month I had a meeting with the Head of Chrysalis Music Publishing about an A&R job and what does he hold up? The album cover of HoL and asked what I knew about the band! I told him what had happened – seen them, heard them, love them, sign them – and my opinion. I GOT THE JOB!!” Dave Massey

“During the afternoon in the car park opposite the venue I finally met the band, after six months of correspondence. Guy and tour manager Andy Jarman kindly put us on the guest list and we chatted afterwards. The gig itself was superb despite the venue; a sticky-carpeted casuals nightclub with plastic palm trees and old fashioned ‘brawn instead of brains’ doormen. Guy has spoken of playing ‘every toilet in the country’ and this venue could certainly have aspired to becoming one of those. Despite being on the guest list they still insisted on charging each of us £2 entry. Nevertheless, it was great to finally meet Guy, Pete, Terry and Chris and to see the band live, now knowing most of the songs. There were only around 30 people in the audience, maybe ten that knew of the band. On the recording of this gig you can hear a lone early adopter timidly calling out for Christine (he got his wish). This was the first time I heard Destroy The Heart – thought that one could catch on! I remember five of us crammed into a car for the journey back down the M5 to Somerset, discussing the lyric ‘I believe in Jesus, I just don’t have belief’. Happy days.” Tim Driver

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