Southampton University West Refectory 21/11/1987

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“I remember the Mighty Lemon Drops with regard. They were really friendly towards us and made sure we had adequate soundcheck time, when we supported them. Seeing the photos triggers the atmosphere of that evening for me. Bit of trivia… Andrea didn’t own a Rickenbacker guitar, she broke a string and so the Lemon Drops guitarist must have leant it to her.” Terry Bickers

“Fond if somewhat hazy memories of this gig. Regularly attending Mighty Lemon Drops gigs around this time and always keen to check out support bands, this was the first time I saw The House Of Love. Having not heard of them previously I was soon impressed – a decent wall of guitars, solid rhythm section and layered vocals. After the gig someone complained that every song started nicely but ended up in a load of out of tune noise. To me, that was a good thing, and back in London on the Monday it was straight down to Oxford Street HMV on my lunchbreak to buy the Real Animal 12”. The b-side Plastic totally got me (that guitar!) and that’s when the love affair began.” Tim Driver

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