Welcome to The House Of Love Archive

This site aims to be the most comprehensive online information resource for fans, old and new, wishing to get further lost in their love of The House Of Love.

This archive complements the official site (www.thehouseoflove.co.uk), and will be an ever evolving beast. In time, it will provide a full list of concerts featuring, where possible, set lists, flyers and a wide range of reviews and articles spanning the band’s career, as well as a discography, fan photographs and a full list of recordings with, where possible, lyrics.

This site is brought to you by Dave Roberts and Tim Driver, both of whom have contributed to official releases including The Best Of…, the 25th and 30th anniversary Creation reissues and the 8xCD Fontana era anthology box set.

Contributions from fans are gratefully received. Dive in, find some treasure and share the love!

“This is amazing, I’m enjoying the memories. It’s an odd thing to know where I was and what I was doing on Bonfire night in 1986.” – Chris Groothuizen